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Relaxation Massage

Relaxation Massage

60 minutes

Fade into a moment of tranquility with a gentle relaxation massage and embody yourself into a sense of well-being. This signature treatment stimulates the nervous system, decreases blood pressure, and increases digestive activity to help your body eliminate waste.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

60 minutes

Dig deeper into your muscles and relieve yourself of aches, pain, and muscle tightness with our deep tissue massage. Our adaptive techniques are tailored to release pressure from the sub-layers of your muscles and areas with concentrated tension.

Massage Therapy

60 minutes

Don’t let age or pain get the best of you. Relieve the stress and muscle tension through a registered massage session. This treatment is orchestrated to reduce swelling, promote rehabilitation from injuries, and speed up the healing process of strained muscles and ligaments.



Hair Removal (Waxing)

Eyebrow – $15
Chin – $10
Upper Lip – $10
Lower Lip – $10
Full Face – $30
Bikini – $30
Brazilian – $50
Stomach – $25
Back – $40
Chest – $35
Neck – $10
Forehead – $10
Full Body – $150
Full Arm – $30
Half Arm – $20
Hand – $10
Underarm – $15
Full Leg – $45
Half Leg – $30
Feet – $10
For further inquiries, please contact the salon.


Seaweed Bio Gel Pedicure

Have you treated your feet lately? Opt for the healthier, long- lasting Gel option and enjoy your pedicure for weeks to come!

Made with no formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, BHA or solvents

Seaweed Bio Gel Manicure

Seaweed Bio Gel Manicure

Our Bio Seaweed Gel will not cause damaged nails while still performing as a professional gel for weeks of chip-free high shine nails. Our products do not stain, weaken, or dehydrate the natural nails.


Gel Manicure

Gel Refill | $35

The Gel manicure consists of an odorless liquid gel that bonds to the keratin in natural nails for maximum adhesion and durability. It is then cured under a UV lamp to form natural looking strong nails with a glossy finish.

Acrylic Manicure

Acrylic Refill | $25

Acrylic nails are applied to natural nails as extensions and consist of a mixture between a liquid and powder. This manicure provides a chip and crack resistant finish and is perfect for occasional wear.

Shellac Pedicure

Design | $5

The Shellac pedicure is the ideal treatment for those who spend time on the beach or by the water. It consists of durable, smudge proof coatings and provides a polished finish that lasts for weeks without chipping.



French Tips | $5 The pedicure treatment is an exfoliating experience designed to eliminate dead skin, breakdown calluses, and promote cell regeneration. Included in this treatment are the essential nail shaping and filing with the removal of excess cuticle. It is finished off with a moisturizing foot and leg massage to stimulate blood flow.

Shellac Manicure

Design | $5

The Shellac Manicure is a smudge proof nail treatment that lasts for weeks without chipping. Nail-friendly coats of polish are applied to the nails then quickly cured under a UV lamp like a gel to eliminate smudges.


French Tips | $5

The manicure treatment includes the essentials such as cutting, filing, and shaping of the nails. It is then finished off with a relaxing hand and arm massage with a moisturizing product designed to promote cell growth and rejuvenate the skin.


Makeup Trial

We’ll show you the way

At Flawless, our professional make up artists can teach you the basics of color combinations and the techniques of make up application. From skin types to colour gradients, we provide the fundamentals to help you become an expert yourself.

Bridal Party Makeup

Let’s get this party started!

You already know the Bride will be glowing on her special day, but let’s not forget about her bridesmaids. Consult with our make up specialists to create a flawless complexion for the entire party.

Bridal Makeup

She’s glowing!

We’re experts in transforming a bride’s beauty into the complexion of a goddess. Whether she desires a natural down to earth look or aims for a dramatic smokey eyed appearance, our make up artists will create a timeless image for her everlasting moment.


Full Makeup

Look beautiful, feel beautiful.

Elevate the beauty of your natural facial features with a professional makeup application session at Flawless. With a variety of natural products to complement your skin tone and persona, we’ll prep you up for any special occasion.


Glycolic Peel

Clear the way!

This treatment is designed to reduce fine lines, acne, smooth rough texture and promote clearer looking skin. Through a glycolic acid, the top layer of skin is peeled away leaving the skin’s complexion more radiant and spotless.

Basic Facial

A splash of rejuvenation! The basic facial is a relaxing treatment designed to softly cleanse and gently peel dead skin. It includes a soothing facial massage, followed by a mask that is tailored to promote new skin cell growth and stimulate blood flow leaving the skin feeling rejuvenated.


Eyelash Extensions

Bat those lashes This professional service involves the application of individual lashes onto the inner rims of the eyes to complement and enhance the look of your natural eyelashes. The results are longer, thicker looking eyelashes that last up to several weeks.

Tinting Lashes & Eyebrows

Get your fierce on Enhance your features with bolder definition while eliminating the need for mascara. Tinting involves a safe application of tint on your lashes and brows that last up to several weeks.

Lashes – $30+

Brows – $20+


Eco Pedicure

Eco Pedicure

No time for ingrown toenails

A signature pedicure tailored for hard working men who are constantly on their feet. Includes the basic nail shaping, filing, cuticle removal and a well deserved foot scrub.

Eco Manicure

Eco Manicure

Presentation is key

A signature manicure tailored for men with hands of brawn. Includes the basic nail shaping, filing, cuticle removal and buffing — without the fancy stuff and straight to the point.

Hair Removal Waxing

Hair Removal (Waxing/Threading)

Eyebrow, Nose & Ear – $37
Neck – $10
Shoulders – $25
Chest – $35
Stomach – $25
Back – $40
*We use hard wax or threading to remove unibrows, nose & ear hair.
For further inquiries, please contact the salon.
Manicure & Pedicure

Basic Manicure & Pedicure

No massage The basic treatment for your hands and feet. These services  include nail shaping, filing, cuticle removal, and a foot scrub to top it off. Sit back, relax, and let our estheticians take care of the rest.

Manicure – $27

Pedicure – $45