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Flawless Salon Services

Searching for a Beauty Salon in Nepean or Ottawa? Look no further! The team at Flawless Hair Salon and Spa is your ultimate choice for healthy hair and glowing skin. Let us elevate your style to flawless perfection!



Trial Up Do

Sample it before you live it!

Why not sample your style of choice before the big day? Our professional hair stylists consult and work with you to create the picture perfect up-do for your special occasion.

Wash, Cut & Style

Let’s fix you right up.

Get your hair washed, cut and styled to perfection. No matter what the occasion, our professional stylists will work with you to create the Flawless look you have been looking for.

Up Do

Show a bit of neck.

The preferred style of elegancy! Let us style your hair into a decorated crown fit for royalty. Perfect for Weddings, Proms, or Anniversaries.

Male’s Cut & Style

A manly cut

From trims to fades, Flawless hair stylists will provide you with a cut designed to impress and live up to the latest fashion trend.

Wash & Style

Sample it before you live it!

Why not sample your style of choice before the big day? Our professional hair stylists consult and work with you to create the picture perfect up-do for your special occasion.




Tone to perfection

See how our rich saturated tones help you achieve versatile colour results and low commitment with a flawless look.


Caution: Results may be hot!

Add contrast and personality to your hair. Our professional hair stylists are proficient in augmenting your hair with highlights to create depth and tone while rejuvenating your look.

Full Colour

So many colours.

At Flawless, we’re picky when it comes down to applying hair colour. That’s why we focus on every strand from root to tip. Choose your ideal tone from our complete range of colours and witness the vibrant results as our stylists work their magic on you.


Bridal Party Makeup

Let’s get this party started!

You already know the Bride will be glowing on her special day, but let’s not forget about her bridesmaids. Consult with our make up specialists to create a flawless complexion for the entire party. Trials and consultations are available by appointment.

Bridal Makeup

She’s glowing!

We’re experts in transforming a bride’s beauty into the complexion of a goddess. Whether she desires a natural down to earth look or aims for a dramatic smokey eyed appearance, our make up artists will create a timeless image for her everlasting moment.

Bridesmaid Style

The maids are here!

From braided up-do’s to glamorous side sweeps, we create unique and personalized hair styles for each bridesmaid in the party. After all, the bride deserves to be accompanied by nothing less than elegancy. Trials and consultations are available by appointment.

Bride Upstyle

A touch of perfection. At Flawless, we’re always honoured and excited to be part of the bride’s grand ceremony. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to deliver a royal treatment. By combining our professional talent with imagination and of course, her personal touch, we’ll create a hair style best suited for her happily ever after. Trials and consultations are available by appointment.



How long do you want it? We provide various types of extensions designed to blend in with your hair and look naturally vibrant. From clip in hair to braided weft, we’ll provide you with the right extensions that matches your style and personality. Feel free to contact us for consultation or further information.


Luxury Argon & Avocado Oil Smoothing Treatment

Treat yourself with this long lasting blend of Argon and Avocado oil. This intense hair therapy is a one step solution for damaged, dry, dull and otherwise distressed hair– leaving you with a healthy glow, and  fewer bad hair days!

Protein Reparative

Luxury Organic Keratin Treatment

Infuse your hair with a boost of keratin to seal and repair damage to you hair cuticle, and then enjoy the long – lasting shine! This all- inclusive treatment is followed by low- heat style to frame your face and bring out your best features.

Hydrating Hair

Luxury Hydrating Hair Service

Gently clean and remove hard- water mineral deposits, product build up, and the effects chlorine on your scalp and hair. Ideal for swimmers, this hydrating conditioning treatment will leave your hair softer, and easy to manage.

Luxury Protein Reparative Treatment

This luxury conditioning & styling service will cater to dull and brittle hair, instantly restoring and enhancing vibrancy.  This creamy protein mask works to repair damage by harsh chemicals and neglect. Made with diamond dust to add heat protection benefits long after your visit!

The Royal Treatment

Strength and Resilience

Give your hair a boost of manageability while improving its strength and resilience. Our Stylists work with a proven fusion of luxurious treatment products to help penetrate hair and create a fuller look.


Corrective Colour Services

At Flawless Hair Salon and Spa, we understand that sometimes your hair color journey can hit a few bumps. That’s why we offer expert corrective color services to bring your hair back to life. Whether it’s a DIY disaster or a color that didn’t turn out quite right, our skilled colorists are here to help.

Men’s Full Color

Just for the guys. Looking for a deep, full color? No problem; we’ll work with your preference. All of our top tier color services are also tailored for men.

Balayage Ombre

No foil, no meche, no problem! Allow our professional stylists to give you something more than highlights. We use the colors that best work with your features and skin tone to give you a beautifully natural looking style.


Hydrating Hair

Express Protein Reparative

Exercise for your hair All hair types need rebalancing, whether it’s in moisturizing or protein. Our express protein reparative treatment is tailored to provide your hair with the protein it needs. Take your first step to a healthier head of hair!

Scalp Renew

Maximize your benefits

Our professional stylists will help get your healthy look back. Flawless Scalp Renew will restore your hair and scalp. We use Nioxin because it’s a natural dermabrasion used to revitalize and clear build up hair follicles.

Cleanse & Deep Treatment

Get in there! Our Cleanse & Deep treatment is an excellent way to repair and improve dry or damaged hair. Sit back and let us massage your scalp, and moisturize your hair back to its natural strength.

Keratin (The Organic) Treatment

Tame the wild!

Goodbye frizz and hello straight hair! This popular treatment helps prevent frizzy hair, shortens your blow-dry time, and leaves your hair feeling silky smooth with a glamorous shine.


Beard, Mustache & Goatee Trim

Beard, Mustache & Goatee Trim

Excuse me, miss my eyes are up here

Because maintaining your face mane is just as important as growing it. A rigorous trim and sculpt around the hedges of your muzzle will add a touch of gentleman-ism to your ruggedness.

Straight Razor Luxury Shave

From brawn to bold
It’s like mowing the lawn — with a machete. Clean the scruffiness on your neck, face and sideburns, put on your suit and tie, and go get the job done right.

Face Scrub | $12+
Express Facial | $18+
Scalp & Face Massage | $35+

Clippers & Razor

A whiskey neat, my good sir

A clean-up, reshape and outline for your neck and sideburns. Because presentation is part of the gentlemen’s dress code.

Head Shave

Head Shave

Sometimes the bold must become bald.

For those who want to shave their fierce mane to become a different kind of animal. Offered with clippers or a straight blade of confidence and bravery.

Clippers | $25+
Straight Blade | $28+

Hair Tint

You missed a spot

Even out the color of your hair from root to tip and fix any unwanted shades just like hair toner. For meticulous men who pay attention to detail.

Men Hair Color

Best of both worlds

Permanently change the color of your hair. This treatment targets the pigment of the hair to provide natural looking results. For men who are wise and want to remain young.


Men Highlights

Salt and pepper

Add subtle shading to your base hair color. Blending highlights or lowlights with your natural hair is a sophisticated way to show off your style and personality.

Hair Wash, Hot Towel & Scalp Massage

Hail Caesar!

A glimpse of royal treatment fit for a king. The perfect add-on to a men’s haircut and straight blade shave. This combination of services has been fused to rejuvenate the scalp, increase the blood flow to hair follicles, and promote healthy hair growth.

Men’s Wash, Cut & Style

On point​

A combination tailored for events and special occasions. No need to worry about cutting and styling your hair — we got it covered. Whether you need a top trim, fade, or layered cut, we provide the convenience of washing out the hair remains and prepping you for the moment.

Men Haircut & Style

A manly cut

From trims to fades, Flawless hair stylists will provide you with a cut designed to impress and live up to the latest fashion trend.