Salon Products

Professional Collections

Nioxin Collection

The Nioxin collection is the ultimate line to optimize, cleanse, and treat your scalp and hair. Included in the collection is the 3-part system kit that is designed to strengthen noticeably thinning hair while remove follicle-clogging sebum, provide resilience, and infuse antioxidants into the scalp.


  • Help strengthen thin hair
  • Contains antioxidants and botanicals for the scalp
  • Cleanse and provide thicker hair
  • Control moisture balance

Sebastian Collection

The prominent collection by Sebastian Professional is the stylist’s choice when it comes down to hair styling. This product line contains oils, gels, and creams that redesign, redefine, and sculpt the hair into its maximum potential. 

  • Perfect for sculpting and styling
  • Aids in maintaining natural hair flow
  • Promotes shine and vibrant results
  • Strengthens and protects hair

Wella Collection

The renowned Wella collection carries one of the world’s largest cosmetics and hair care lines. Their Brilliance collection is designed to promote long lasting and healthy looking hair color. With their diamond dust ingredients, their products enhance the vibrancy and volume of the hair while providing smooth, irresistible texture. 

  • Diamon dust ingredients
  • Promote vibrant results
  • Promote longer lasting hair colour
  • Enhance hair volume